Do you need Solar Panels in El Cajon, CA? Turn to the experts at Friar's Heating and Air. Southern California is the ideal place for homeowners to take advantage of the free energy of the sun, harvesting it to power their homes and charge electric cars. Homeowners who want to be more eco-friendly by using renewable resources or those that are tired of paying sky-high electric bills can benefit from solar panel installation. As one of the city’s top solar companies, Friar's Heating and Air has spent a lot of time professionally training our installers and techs to properly service all major brands and models of solar panels.

Whether you need to replace a malfunctioning or broken panel on your home’s roof or you want to book a new solar panel installation, we’ve got you covered. You can’t go wrong trusting our techs to ensure that each job is completed to your utmost satisfaction! Call us today to learn more about your options!