If you’re looking for professional drain cleaning in San Diego, CA, count on the specialists at Friar's Heating and Air. We provide efficient and affordable drain service and flexible scheduling to promptly address your clogged drains. Your drainpipes are an essential component of your plumbing system because they carry away wastewater generated in your home in a safe and sanitary manner. But when your drains clog, your entire plumbing can become compromised. Wastewater may start backing up and potentially seep through your drains in no time.

If ignored, you run the risk of flooding your home and causing damage to your pipes. To fix this issue, you have to call a plumber specializing in sewer cleaning services, and that’s where Friar's Heating and Air comes in. We take away the stress of tackling clogged drains by working meticulously and efficiently to restore your comfort.